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For as pleasant of a dental experience you could want, this is the place for you.
Nestled in an easily accessible building in Beverly Hills, with one hour free parking a couple of doors up the street.  The staff welcomes you with warm personal greetings and there is a fun 
international toothpaste collection to amuse you and magazines you actually want to read, before you are brought in to see Dr. Bendik or one of his gentle hygienists.  

I had a filling done this week which always makes me a bit nervous.  It went so smoothly
that I could not believe it was over so fast.   It is nice to go to a dentist who treats you kindly and uses the latest in dental technology.  

Overall, from the front desk staff, to the oral hygienists, to Dr. Bendik,  always
a wonderful experience, each visit.  

I highly recommend.

Ron R. - Cheviot Hills, CA ​

Wonderful experience at the dentist! Dr. Bendik and his hygienists are very nice and friendly professionals who go above and beyond to make sure you have a great dental experience. His office is clean and organized, in a great location (Beverly Hills), and parking is easy!  If I could give him 6 stars I would!

Dahlia G. - Los Angeles, CA

I went to Dr Bendik on a referral from a friend and had a great experience. From the minute I called to the minute I left, his staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. It felt like I was going in to see old friends. 

I found Dr Bendik to be just as warm and friendly. He was professional and able to explain things in a way that was easy to understand and helpful. 

Although I didn't have an procedures or cleanings done, I will for sure return to him.

Holli H. - West Hollywood, CA ​

I love Dr. Bendik! He is very nice and efficient and made getting my first cavities filled a breeze- I was pretty nervous about it. He has been taking care of my teeth for a few years now and I'm so happy that I was referred to him from a great orthodontist as well. (Thanks Harry!)

Margot M. - Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Ken Bendik is the absolute best!  

He's been my dentist for many, many years and I remain endlessly grateful for his skills, exceptional talent and the great rapport that I have with him. It's such a relief to know that he's there for me.  He's done extensive work for me and I could not be more comfortable,calm and satisfied with the results. He can never retire! I won't let him! 

The staff - Zamara who is the hygienist is great and always does a thorough job , Peggy - the office manager and Amanda the receptionist are totally on top of everything. I feel well taken care of. They are always there to answer questions and ease the process. 

Dr. Bendik is the one to go to if you need a great dentist. This is especially true if you had a difficult experience with a previous dentist. After being in Dr. Bendik's care you will know that you've found the best dentist ever.

It is a pleasure to recommend him. He is so deserving of all recognition.

J J. - Los Angeles, CA ​

I was petrified to come in for a filling last week but was amazed when the whole procedure was over in less then 20 minutes with absolutely no pain!!!!  I was literally scared for nothing!

Kim E. - Pico-Robertson, Los Angeles, CA

I've been coming here for years. Friendly staff and great work. Dr. Bendik even saw me on his day off when my crown (put in by a different dentist) fell out. Lifesaver. Zimmer does my cleanings and she is very thorough and friendly. I love this dentist and it took me a while to find a great one. They've got my business for life.

Cyrus H. - Los Angeles, CA ​

His staff is awesome. So nice. Zimara is the best hygienist.
Dr. Bendik is awesome. Totally knowledgable. Great manner. 
Awesome experience. 
Parking is pricey, but that's the area.
Highly recommend.

Thorne C. - Santa Monica, CA

A knowledgeable, caring, kind dentist.  I cannot imagine going to anyone better. His hygienist is also excellent, and his office staff attentive and striving to serve patients well.  If you are looking for a wonderful "bedside manner" I recommend him thoroughly.  I had a nighttime clenching issue and Dr. Bendik worked and worked with me until we found the right mouthguard.  I had another tooth problem and he was so concerned, he set me up with a specialist and then called to be sure the problem had been solved.  Very rare in today's noncaring world.  Five stars!

Jacqueline B. - Los Angeles, CA ​

I have been going to Dr. Bendik for close to 15 years and wouldn't go to anyone else. I actually travel all the way from Claremont to Beverly Hills every 6 months as I adore him and his staff, they are like family. He is kind, gentle, smart and passionate about giving the best care. In 2006 I actually had a change of insurance and went to another dentist. What followed was about a six month disaster. The new dentist replaced my 6 amalgam (silver) fillings with resin composite "white" fillings, and like dominoes, each tooth started to cause me severe pain subsequently requiring a root canal on every tooth the other dentist touched. I went RUNNING back to Dr. Bendik and paid out of pocket for his help. He took the time to listen to me. He referred me to the best endodontist for my root canals, Dr. Monempour. Together, they both put me back together and saw me through a very painful experience, seeing me last minute and even on weekends. I felt like more than a patient, they treated me like I was a member of their family. After requiring so much dental work at once, I developed nerve pain and Dr. Monempour was able to figure it out quickly and referred me to a head and neck pain specialist at Cedars. I have been pain free and doing well for the past 8 years now and every crown that Dr. Bendik placed has given me zero problems. The staff is like my family and I look forward to seeing them every 6 months. I am so grateful for Dr. Bendik, I can not imagine anyone having a bad experience in their office!

Laura O. - Claremont, CA

Great dentist. 
Very friendly and understanding.  Isn't pushy.
Pay parking lots in the area. come a little early.

Skyler W. - Los Angeles, CA

I have been going to Dr. Bendik for over a decade and will keep going as long as he is still in practice.  Excellent dentist and hygienist and the staff is wonderful too.

Debby D. - Los Angeles, CA

He is a great dentist.  Great staff and hyginists.  He is very conservative though and won't just change your silver filling for a tooth color one unless it is broken or chipped.  They always run on time.  I am very happy with their services and recommend them to everyone.

Elizabeth h. - Beverly Hills, CA

I have been going to Dr. Bendik for several years now, and out of all the offices I've been to, this is the best. He is kind, courteous and professional.  His front office staff (especially Pegi) is wonderful and his hygienists are terrific. My whole family goes to him, and I have a special needs son who is treated with kid gloves. It is hard to find a team of professionals that will deal with him with patience and kindness, yet they make him feel comfortable and safe. I used to have to put him under for a teeth cleaning, but Fran is able to get in there , and have him "help her". I truly can't' say enough good things about this doctor and their staff.

Susan B. - Beverly Hills, CA ​

Dr. Bendik and his staff are sublime. His personality is kind and caring ... yet he is very, very thorough. Julia, his assistant is lovely and sweet and makes sure that those darn x-rays hurt as little as humanly possible. Ellie, my hygienist, is so kind and intelligent and does an amazing job, especially for such a tiny gal, cleaning my teeth. 

They're all very knowledgeable and helpful. You can trust me on that one too ... My personal situation was that I came to them in a time of great distress and they referred me to the right people to diagnose a nerve condition that I was suffering from, which was likely brought on from prior dental work (not done by Dr. Bendik). I will be forever grateful. A year after my first visit, my life is getting back to normal, but Dr. B and his team will be a part of my dental health for years to come.

A review on Dr. Bendick's office wouldn't be complete without giving some cyber-kudos to Peggy at the front desk. She keeps it all moving along smooth as can be and is one sassy lady.

The office may be in Bev Hills, but you will get nothing but fabulous care, kind-hearted people, and reasonable prices.

Suzanne S. - Lake Balboa, Los Angeles, CA ​

I've been going to Dr Bendik for three years now and have been consistently satisfied with the services I've obtained from his office. I've always been scheduled promptly, and he goes out of his way to make sure things are going ok. I was swindled by another LA area dentist who wanted to charge several thousand dollars for cavity repairs, however Dr Bendik worked with me to make a payment plan that was MUCH cheaper for the same services. I would recommend him to anyone.

J.elizabeth e. - Santa Monica, CA

I had some fillings and it has been over a month now- great! Highly recommend. Dr. Bendik and his staff are so very nice and professional. He takes the time to listen, really listen to your questions. He treats his clients with dignity and I really appreciate that. And the dental work he has done has been great. Very little pain.

K L. - CA, CA

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